Viduro 1.1 - What's new?

Viduro 1.1 - The latest updates.

Hello everyone! Viduro's new design has finally been released, along with a huge update for the website. Let's go over everything.

Added] video studio, view detailed charts and analytics of videos, views, likes, dislikes, comments and many other features.
[Added] video seconds on comments, start a video from a spesific seconds.
[Added] Ajax load, content is loaded faster and smoother!
[Added] filter system on search page!
[Added] Two-factor authentication!
[Added] Identify the speed of the internet and select the quality based on that.
[Added] HTML editor for announcements
[Added] Channels page to browse most recent popular channels.
[Added] The ability to change video author
[Added] 2 new players, videojs & fluid video player with preload support.
[Added] max ffmpeg process in same time, you can set how many ffmpeg process can run in same time.
[Added] onesingal API, to send push notifications to the mobile apps.
[Added] sub categories.
[Fixed] a few important bugs.

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testando 25 days ago
How does viduro monetization work?
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CircumCrippled TV
CircumCrippled TV 2 months ago
In what areas of the page is Ajax load?
As far as I know, it is faster to load the content within the page, but I don't want to (german word “Klugscheißen” in English)).
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Make sure to subscribe! / Boi
Owo, wonder how good next update will be... Nice update btw
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Pluto 2 months ago
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Troplo / Owner of Viduro
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ClickbaitHub 2 months ago
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