Our goals for 2019

We are going to explain what we want to do for 2019.

Hello Vidurians!

As we head into the new year, we want to think about what Viduro has in store for this year.

(things can and probably will change.)

1: iOS app.

Yes, you probably knew this was coming. We are thinking about releasing our iOS app in 2019. (Socialscribe too.)

2: Monetization

Monetization has been wanted since the beginning of Viduro. Ads on your videos will begin in Summer 2019! Stay tuned.

3: Free music library

When monetizing your videos, you will also need music that isn't copyrighted (to avoid us getting lawsuits). For this, we are planning to hire music artists to create free-to-use Viduro music. Or of course you can find Royalty Free Music yourself.

4: Site redesign

We are planning to have a new site redesign in this year. We don't know when. But it's gonna be good. Expect it to be released in October-December 2019.

5: Donations system

Along with the Monetization launch, we will also launch a Donations system, it works via PayPal.

6: Viduro Originals

Our first Viduro Original "Flowinity Show" (which can be found here) is pretty low budget. There will be full featured Viduro TV shows and Movies coming in 2019. We can't wait to show you.

7: Privacy settings

We plan on adding Privacy settings with the new Viduro layout. These will be: Unlisted and Private.

8: 4K.

4K videos are currently being tested and are coming soon. Estimated to arrive in Spring 2019.

Thank you for this 2018. and we hope 2019 will be even better.

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